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HCG Weight Loss

How HCG Can Help You Lose Weight

HCG is a hormone that may help individuals lose weight during a medical weight loss program. It is essential to only take HCG under the supervision of a nutritional or diet professional to ensure the safest and most effective results possible.  Reviewing how HCG can help with a weight loss program 

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Exceed Microneedling

Why Exceed Microneedling: Overview, Benefits and Results

What is Exceed Microneedling? Ever heard of Exceed microneedling and wondered what all the buzz is about? Well, it’s a top-tier skin rejuvenation treatment that promises to transform your skin through a relatively simple yet innovative approach. The treatment uses a device with tiny, precise needles that gently puncture the

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Infrared Body Wrap vs Semaglutide Injections

Infrared Body Wrap vs Semaglutide Injections

Infrared Body Wraps utilize heat to potentially aid in detoxification, relaxation, and weight loss through sweating, whereas Semaglutide Injections are a medical treatment designed to regulate appetite and improve blood sugar control, contributing to weight loss for those with certain medical conditions. Each serves different health and wellness goals with

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Body Sculpting

Does Body Sculpting really work?

Body sculpting treatments have been proven to work for over a decade, offering a non-surgical way to burn fat and build muscle. While body sculpting isn’t a weight loss procedure per se, it effectively reduces fat cells’ size and tightens the skin. Treatments like BodyFX use radiofrequency energy to destroy

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Aesthetic Consultation

Why Have An Aesthetic Consultation Before Treatment

An aesthetic consultation is the first step towards personalized skincare. It allows a professional to assess your unique skin needs and create a tailored treatment plan. This ensures that you receive the most effective procedures for your specific concerns, maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risk of adverse reactions. A

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PRP for hair

Can PRP Therapy Really Thicken Your Hair?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma therapy, has become a beacon of hope for those experiencing hair thinning. This innovative treatment harnesses the body’s natural growth factors found in platelets, infusing them into the scalp where hair growth needs encouragement. The high concentration of growth factors aims to wake up sleepy hair

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Nutritional Consulting

What is a Nutrition Consultant?

Nutrition involves the study of macronutrients and micronutrients in foods and how those substances interact with the body, and how certain foods may impact medical weight loss goals. This topic is one that a nutrition consultant is highly informed about. The nutrients that nutrition consultants study include fats, proteins, carbohydrates,

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Body Composition Scan

Common Reasons to Get a Total Body Composition Scan

A total body composition scan can be used to evaluate your body’s composition to a high level of precision. These tests are used to determine your body’s fat, bone, and muscle content so any appropriate changes can be made to your diet and fitness routine. Body composition tests provide an

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Exceed Microneedling After Care

Exceed Microneedling Recovery: A Comprehensive Aftercare Strategy

Microneedling is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that has gained immense popularity for its efficacy in treating various skin concerns. The Exceed microneedling device, known for its precision and effectiveness, can enhance skin texture, reduce scarring, and promote a youthful appearance. However, the journey to achieving flawless skin doesn’t end with

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What is Non-Surgical Weight Loss?

Non-surgical weight loss is a great way to rid the body of unwanted fat. It is considered to be an alternative to surgical weight loss, and it offers many benefits that surgery does not. When considering different ways to lose weight, it can be helpful to explore all the available

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