How B-12 Injections Can Complement Your Weight Loss Plan

How B-12 Injections Can Complement Your Weight Loss Plan

A successful weight loss plan should incorporate multiple strategies that work for each individual. Additionally, the plan should be personalized according to one’s specific goals and treatment preferences. This review discusses the role B-12 injections can play in a weight loss plan.

B-12 injections or a comprehensive weight loss plan

Weight loss clinics often recommend B-12 injections for patients who are having a hard time achieving their weight loss goals. It is important to note that B-12 injections are used to aid in an existing weight loss plan, and they are not able to lead directly to weight loss. Below is a more in-depth review of the role B-12 injections can play in a comprehensive weight loss plan.

What are B-12 injections for weight loss?

Vitamin B-12 is an essential vitamin and aids in red blood cell formation and cell metabolism. It is commonly found in meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. B-12 injections, or B-12 shots, are commonly used with patients who have a vitamin B-12 deficiency. However, in recent years, B-12 injections have also been used for weight loss purposes. This is done for a variety of reasons (See the benefits below). Most notably, vitamin B-12 injections can help provide energy, which makes it easier to stay consistent with exercise. Some reports suggest that these injections may also help increase the metabolic rate in some patients.

How B-12 injections help with weight loss

Many patients report significant benefits from B-12 injections. Although results may vary and are dependent on a variety of other factors such as your diet, exercise plan, family history, and goals, most patients see more weight loss than they previously had without B-12 injections as a part of their weight loss journey. Specifically, the most common benefits include:

▪ A higher metabolic rate

▪ A more positive mood

▪ Increased energy and endurance

▪ A willingness to exercise more

As discussed. B-12 injections are not intended for use as the primary weight loss method. Instead. they primarily help the patient achieve their weight loss goals through exercise and diet improvements, along with possible metabolism boosts that may aid in weight loss as well.

How to incorporate B-12 injections into your weight loss plan

Weight loss clinicians usually start with small doses of the injections to see how the patient responds, and they may increase the amount and frequency of injections if the patient responds well. Patients should not seek to utilize B-12 injections as a primary source of weight loss. However, they are often effective in helping patients achieve higher metabolism and stay on track with workout and exercise plans due to increased energy levels. It also may offer additional health and wellness benefits for patients who have a deficiency of vitamin B-12.

FAQs about B-12 injections for weight loss

Below are answers to three commonly asked questions that weight loss clinics receive about B-12 injections for weight loss purposes.

How long does it take to see results from B-12 injections?

B-12 injections begin working within 48 and 72 hours after they are administered. Therefore, the effects are felt within a few days. However, weight loss results vary. The patient’s diet and exercise plan play a major role in how much (and when) they see weight loss results. Keep in mind, weight loss is a journey that takes patience and consistency.

Are B-12 injections safe?

B-12 injections that are administered within a licensed medical weight loss clinic are considered safe. Patients should not use the injections for weight loss without approval from a clinician or outside of a licensed wellness or medical center. B-12 injections are not recommended if the treatment may interfere with other medications. Clinicians may also recommend alternative weight loss methods for patients who have (or had) kidney disease, liver disease, an infection, or are receiving bone marrow treatment.

How do I get started with B-12 injections for weight loss?

Anyone who is considering B-12 injections for weight loss must first visit a weight loss clinic or medical center. B-12 injections must be prescribed and taken with supervision from a health and wellness professional. Patients can get started with a consultation at a weight loss clinic.

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