What is the Process of Getting Lipotropic Injections?

Lipotropic Injections

What is the Process of Getting Lipotropic Injections?

Lipotropic injections can be the weight loss solution that you have been waiting for. Studies show that the nutrients in these injections can help melt away fats. Understanding what these shots are can motivate you to set an appointment. Here are the details to consider about the process of getting lipotropic injections.

The Procedure

Weight loss clinics and medical spas can provide lipotropic injections. Some have medical doctors, while others do not. It is ideal to check the credentials of the facility for these shots. Here are the common ingredients in lipotropic injections:

▪ MIC (methionine, inositol, and choline)

▪ Vitamin B6

▪Vitamin B12

▪ Phentermine

▪Vitamin B-complex


▪ BCAAS (branched-chain amino acids)

The provider may inject the patient into parts of the body with excess subcutaneous fat. Such areas are the buttocks, thigh, or abdomen. Getting these shots may help reach one’s weight goals. Pairing
it with a healthy diet and exercise can speed up the results.

The frequency

Getting lipotropic injections each week is part of the plan. Some providers may also suggest vitamin B12 shots twice each week for fast metabolism and energy. Other doctors may recommend these vitamin injections if the patient has a deficiency in them. The individual may be the one to administer the B12 injections at home. Following the doctor’s instructions is important in having these shots at home.

The dosage

The specific dosage of lipotropic injections will depend on the ingredients in them. Studies show that an individual can receive 1,000 milligrams of vitamin B12 as a sole ingredient each week. But even if the dosage is different, the provider will recommend weekly lipotropic injections for many weeks. The treatment may last until the patient reaches the goal weight.

The process of administering lipotropic injections

The provider will take the patient to the treatment room. This area will be relaxing and comfortable. The patient will lie on the treatment bed to enhance the calming effects of the room.
Here are the steps for administering lipotropic injections:

▪The provider will prepare and gather the materials. Proper handwashing is necessary for infection prevention. Wear gloves and sanitize the vial with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball.

▪ Draw air into the syringe and stop at the right dosage. Inject the air into the vial.

▪Turn the vial upside down and draw the liquid into the syringe. Tap the air bubbles of the syringe.

▪ Perform handwashing again and sanitize the injection sites with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball or alcohol pad. Clean in a circular motion, two inches in diameter.

▪ Relax the muscles in the injection sites. The injection angle will depend on the body fat present. Inject and pull to see if there is blood. Only inject if there is no blood present.

▪ Pull out the needle after injecting the right dosage. Hold a fresh alcohol wipe or cotton ball on the injection site. A bandage can help stop the bleeding. Dispose of the syringe in a puncture-proof container.

Intramuscular lipotropic injections

For a thigh injection site, the area will be between the upper thigh and the knee. For the upper arm, find the bones that create an upside-down triangle on the top part of the arm. Inject at the center of the triangle. For the buttocks, inject into the outer and upper sections.

For the hip, lie on one side and place the hand where the top of the thigh and buttocks meet. Create a V shape with the fingers. The thumb must face the groin, while the rest of the fingers face the head. Inject into the middle part of the V. These injection sites have nerves and blood vessels. It is ideal for a medical doctor to inject lipotropic injections.

Research shows that receiving lipotropic injections on an empty stomach can maximize the results of the treatment. This will ensure that the injection goes straight into the bloodstream. Refrain from drinking anything 30 minutes before and eating anything an hour before the injection. This will keep the fat levels low in the blood while the lipotropic injections get into the system.

The patient must receive the shots at the same time during each appointment. If the injections started in the afternoon, then the rest should be at the same hour of the day. The scheduling must be set on the first appointment. Consistency will yield the ideal results.

Receiving lipotropic injections can improve your weight and quality of life

These shots are helpers of a healthy diet and regular exercise when it comes to losing weight. Having them can speed up the results that you want. If you have an event to prepare for, this could be the weight loss treatment for you. Working with your provider can help maximize the benefit that you get from lipotropic injections.

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