Who Can I See About Medical Weight Loss Options?

Medical Weight Loss

Who Can I See About Medical Weight Loss Options?

Weight loss is something that a lot of individuals struggle with. Thankfully, there are a lot of great options when it comes to how to tackle it. In a lot of cases, dieting and exercising at home can be enough. However, it never hurts to have additional help from professionals who focus on overall health every day.

Where to go for medical weight loss

Outlined below are a few options to consider when looking into medical weight loss. The following information highlights who to see and where to go.

Primary care physician

One common resource to utilize for weight loss is a primary care physician. Individuals that have primary care physicians can go directly to them in order to find out the best weight loss plan. The advantage here is that the doctor will already be familiar with the individual’s health history and genetics. This allows for personalized care and familiarity. Primary care physicians can offer a number of weight loss options, ranging from lifestyle changes to non-invasive procedures, such as fat freezing or red light therapy, both of which target the fat cells and encourage them to die off.

Medical Weight Loss

Medical spa

Another option to consider for weight loss is a medical spa. Medical spas have grown in popularity as they offer personalized care for a number of problems, ranging from weight loss to cosmetic improvements. These facilities are staffed with traditional doctors, nurses, estheticians, counselors, and masseuses.

Individuals who want to lose weight can visit a medical spa and receive help in a number of areas. For example, doctors can determine what diet and exercise changes should be implemented. Additionally, fat freezing procedures can be performed in order to target minor to moderate areas of excessive weight.

Another thing that a medical spa can do is counseling. Lifestyle changes, such as dieting and exercising are oftentimes enough; however, in some situations, undergoing counseling can be quite beneficial too. Sometimes, excess weight is a result of mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, or stress. Talking with a professional about mental health may be a necessary part of weight loss.

Dieticians and nutritionists

Other medical professionals include dieticians and nutritionists, both of which focus their efforts on health. Nutritionists spend their days determining the best foods, drinks, and vitamins to consume on a day-to-day basis, whereas dieticians focus on all of it plus the aspect of healthy dieting.

Those wanting to undergo medical weight loss can consult with either medical professional to determine the best course of treatment. Unlike primary care physicians, dieticians and nutritionists do not perform procedures, which means the weight loss treatment plan is solely based on dieting and exercising.

Get started with weight loss

When considering weight loss, it may be best to consult with a medical professional. Any questions or concerns can be appropriately addressed, and an evaluation can be done in order to determine the best course of treatment. To find out more or to get scheduled for a personalized appointment, reach out today.

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