How Does Medical Weight Loss Work at a Medspa?

How Does Medical Weight Loss Work at a Medspa?

It is no secret that losing weight is tough to do, but a medspa can help by offering medical weight-loss programs. Many people try to lose weight on their own by making nutritional changes, exercising, taking supplements, or dieting, and it is common to feel frustrated when nothing seems to work. Fortunately, there is no need to go on this journey alone. Continue reading to learn more about medical weight loss and how a medspa professional can help you achieve the results you are looking for.

What is medical weight loss at a medspa?

Contrary to what one might think, a medspa does not just offer surgical weight loss options to help patients lose excess weight. Rather, medspa professionals work with patients one-on-one to monitor health and create personalized plans. It is important to understand that medical weight loss does not refer to the use of surgery or diet pills as a way to remove fat or shed pounds. Instead, this process involves a medical provider evaluating the patient’s body and history and then creating a personalized plan.

Weight-loss programs

When creating a program for the patient, the medical provider works to manage the individual’s diet, exercise routine, and other habits. While each clinic is different in the offered plans, the goal of these programs is to help the patient achieve a healthy weight and learn new habits that support long-term results. They may also use a variety of supplements, hormone replacement drugs, and other therapies to aid in healthy weight loss.

What to expect from your medspa visit

Starting a medical weight-loss plan at a medspa is a long process, and patients might wonder what to expect when making a visit.


Before the medspa professional can make a customized medical weight-loss plan, the patient’s health and history will need to be evaluated. During the first visit, the professional will likely take the patient’s biometrics to learn the individual’s body measurements, body fat percentage, and body mass index. The medical provider may order bloodwork and other lab work. If using any medication or supplements, an EKG might also be required.


After fully evaluating the patient, the professional can then create a plan for the patient. However, the process doesn’t end here. The medical provider will continue to monitor the patient’s progress over the course of a set period of time. This might include regular appointments every one to two weeks. The length of time the patient is on the program depends on the clinic and the patient’s needs.

Dietary modifications

Many individuals want to lose weight by dieting, but they may not understand they are still consuming items that make them gain weight. Drinking fruit juice instead of soda, for example, seems much better for your health; however, it contains a lot of sugar as well. A doctor at a medspa will design a diet plan just for the patient.

The doctor will also consider the patient’s medical history, metabolism, lifestyle, eating habits, and preferred foods while making this decision. The idea is to come up with a strategy that allows individuals to consume some of their favorite meals while still losing weight. Proper diet is one of the most important aspects of medspa treatment.

A workout schedule

You must engage in regular exercise to lose weight. Even though many individuals go to the gym, they never seem to lose any weight. The reason is that they are doing the exercises improperly.

Following the correct technique is important to get the benefits of proper exercise. The doctor’s job is to choose a program that increases blood circulation at the medspa. The patient’s metabolism and serotonin levels will also benefit from the workout program. As a result, people get a kick out of seeing the pounds drop off the scale as they exercise.

Hormone rebalancing

It is very important for female patients to evaluate their hormone levels when they see a medspa for weight reduction. An imbalance may lead to weight gain and decreased fitness abilities in many cases. Based on the doctor’s findings, they will devise an optimization plan that restores balance.

The bottom line

Patients can get help losing stubborn weight and keeping it off by visiting a medspa and working with a professional to develop a personalized medical weight-loss plan. Rather than trying to perform a quick fix, these programs help patients learn healthy habits and create individualized diet and exercise plans.

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