Why You Should Consider a Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment

Non surgical weight loss treatment

Why You Should Consider a Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment

Non-surgical weight loss treatment refers to non-surgical methods of losing weight, such as the gastric balloon and endoscopic gastric bypass revision. They have shown promising (and safer) results as an alternative to surgical weight loss procedures.

Non-surgical weight loss, rather than surgical options for losing weight, is a safe and highly effective way to achieve your weight goals, particularly if you have not seen the results you desire from diet and exercise changes alone. This review discusses the benefits of non-surgical weight loss treatment.

The benefits of non-surgical weight loss treatment

An improved appearance

The fact is that many people seek non-surgical weight loss because they are not satisfied with their appearance at their current weight and feel they would be more attractive if they lost weight. The good news is that many are able to achieve their cosmetic goals with non-surgical weight loss. Patients often report feeling as if their clothes fit better and feeling more willing to go out and enjoy life the way they desire without feeling the weight insecurities they felt in the past.

Lower blood pressure

Although the cosmetic advantages of non-surgical weight loss treatment are a big consideration for many patients, the health benefits are even more meaningful. One notable benefit of healthy, non-surgical weight loss is lower blood pressure. High blood pressure has been known to increase the risk of a variety of health concerns and conditions, including but not limited to heart attack, stroke, and an aneurysm, and healthy, medically supervised weight loss is a great way to lose weight and subsequently lower blood pressure.

The most notable benefits of non-surgical weight loss treatment are an improved appearance, increased confidence, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, and an improved ability to function without discomfort daily. Of course, the specific benefits depend on the specifics of your situation and your non-surgical weight loss plan.

Improved cholesterol levels

In addition to improved blood pressure levels, non-surgical weight loss can also help improve cholesterol levels as well. This is known to reduce cardiovascular risk as well, and the risk of heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular death is also reduced.

Lower blood sugar

Improved blood sugar levels are another great health benefit of non-surgical weight loss treatment when done properly and with the advice and monitoring of a weight loss professional. This, much like the aforementioned benefits, can reduce cardiovascular risk.

Decreased chronic pain

Chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other minor health concerns is more common among individuals who are overweight, and many report the discomfort to a large extent decreasing once they go through and complete their non-surgical weight loss journey.

Improved ability to function daily

Many clients also report improved ability to function once they complete their weight loss journey as well, allowing them to participate in more physical activities and feel more alive each day, which, in return, often provides them with a new level of confidence.

Non-surgical weight loss treatment FAQs

Here are answers to three common (and important) questions about non-surgical weight loss treatment.

What options are available for non-surgical weight loss?

Many weight loss professionals consider the gastric balloon to be the best non-surgical weight loss procedure. This procedure involves the placement of a gastric balloon (either through an endoscopic procedure or by swallowing) that takes up room in the stomach and allows the patient to feel full while eating faster than they previously have.

This is a safe procedure and helps patients achieve their ideal weight, which offers a range of health benefits and helps many feel better about their appearance. Alternative non-surgical weight loss treatment options include an endoscopic gastric sleeve and endoscopic gastric bypass revision.

How does non-surgical weight loss treatment work?

Non-surgical weight loss begins with a consultation with a weight loss clinician. During the visit, they can discuss with the patient their goals and explain the pros and cons of all non-surgical treatment options, helping them choose the one that is most appropriate. Most non-surgical weight loss treatment plans involve a combination of weight loss procedures, lifestyle changes, exercise plans, and dietary changes.

Who is the ideal candidate for non-surgical weight loss treatment?

Anyone who desires to lose weight for health reasons or to achieve their ideal appearance and prefers a non-surgical weight loss solution (or is not a candidate for a surgical weight loss procedure) should consider how non-surgical weight loss treatment can benefit them.

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