What Is an Infrared Body Wrap?

Infrared Body Wrap

What Is an Infrared Body Wrap?

An infrared body wrap is one of the newest non-surgical weight loss techniques. It is gaining popularity because it does not use chemicals or medications. People with weight loss
goals are considering infrared body wrap to enhance the further shedding of excess fat. If you want to know everything about an infrared body wrap, here are the facts.

The process

Weight loss has always been a consistent goal in all health circles. Achieving this is important in preventing chronic diseases. Infrared body wrap treatment can help speed up weight loss goals. It uses infrared energy to detoxify the body and burn fat. Each session reduces calories and the appearance of cellulite.

The body can absorb infrared energy without issue. As infrared light penetrates the skin, light energy turns into heat energy. This thermal energy penetrates the deep tissue layers. It widens the capillaries, enhancing blood circulation and oxygenation. The treatment then increases the body’s metabolism and respiration. Infrared energy makes the body sweat more, releasing toxins through sweat.

Infrared Body Wrap

Preparing for the infrared body wrap

Patients prepare for this treatment by staying hydrates the night before and during the day of the wrap treatment. Eating about 30 minutes before the treatment is also ideal. Patients can wear undergarments during the infrared body wrap. These undergarments will get wet. Patients should have extra undergarments to wear after the treatment.

A healthy diet and regular exercise should combine with the infrared body wrap if the patient’s goal is weight loss. Eating low-fat, low-carbohydrate foods will help speed up the results of the infrared body wrap. Asking a dietitian to improve the patient’s food choices can help. Performing light workouts to start is a good way of supporting the weight loss goals as well.

What to expect

Infrared light can penetrate the skin and provides the body with the advantages of sunlight without the harmful elements. As the patient stays in the infrared body wrap for 45-50 minutes, the technician will check the progress of the treatment. The patient then develops sweat buildup while watching TV or listening to music. Some patients even nap during the infrared body wrap.

Regular treatments can help the patient lose at least 15 pounds. The warmth from the infrared body wrap can also relieve fatigue and stress. After the treatment, the patient will feel refreshed. The infrared body wrap also improves the immune system.

The heat increases the body’s internal temperature, creating mild hyperthermia or an artificial fever. It speeds up the body’s immune response. The enhancement of the immune system and elimination of toxins result in intense sweating. This leads to a stronger resistance against diseases.

The infrared body wrap treatment can enhance your health and well-being

Infrared light turns into heat as it penetrates your skin. The warmth inside your body triggers a reaction that optimizes your immune system and burns excess calories. Each session leads to more weight loss, rejuvenation, and better health. Asking your healthcare provider about the infrared body wrap treatment can start your journey toward better health.

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