Benefits of Non-surgical Weight Loss

Benefits of Non-surgical Weight Loss

Patients are often presented with two options when it comes to weight loss: surgical or non-surgical. Either may be viable, but ultimately, the best choice depends on your goals and preferences. Previous methods that you have tried. your genetic information, and other considerations may also factor into your weight loss decision. In most cases, non-surgical weight loss is recommended for patients to try before considering a surgical procedure. In this review, we specifically look at the benefits of non-surgical weight loss.

What are the benefits of non-surgical weight loss?

Non-surgical weight loss is often safer, less invasive, and more cost effective than surgical weight loss alternative solutions. Here is a detailed look at the top nine benefits of non-surgical weight loss for patients who have not achieved their goals through diet and exercise alone.

A generally safer weight loss plan

Surgical procedures carry risks. This is also the case for cosmetic surgical procedures. Therefore, anytime the patient elects for a non-surgical solution, it is generally safer than the surgical alternative. Non-surgical solutions are also less invasive, which means there is less chance that they will cause the patient any significant discomfort. In contrast, discomfort and a relatively long recovery are almost always involved in surgical procedures.

Improved overall health

A common misconception is that weight loss programs are simply about achieving a more attractive body appearance. However, most patients choose to embark on a weight loss journey to improve their overall health. Non-surgical weight loss helps patients do exactly that. According to the Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics, obesity is the number-two cause of preventable death and is a risk factor for health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Through safe and effective non-surgical weight loss, patients can greatly reduce the risk of health complications later in life.

Improved self-confidence

Non-surgical weight loss can help improve the patient’s physical health and their mental health. Many patients report massive improvements in their self-confidence that stem from the weight loss results that they achieved. They feel comfortable with their appearance, which provides them with the confidence that they need to pursue the things that they love to do in life.

Reduced risk of cancer

Studies done by the MD Anderson Cancer Center suggest that there is a link between obesity and the risks of specific cancer types, especially different types of hormonal cancers. By achieving a healthy weight through a non-surgical weight loss treatment plan, patients can reduce their overall risk for certain cancers. Additionally, being at a healthy weight may help improve the chances of
overcoming cancer if it does develop.

Less prep time than surgical procedures

Surgeries require long prep times, and procedures are often scheduled months in advance. Non- surgical treatment requires far less preparation time and gives patients the ability to start the treatment plan much sooner.

Longer-lasting results

Surgical weight loss may produce quicker results, but they may not last for the long term if the patient has not implemented a strategy that enables them to maintain their ideal weight. For this reason, non-surgical weight loss is often the better solution for keeping the weight off. A healthy diet and exercise plan are essential components of non-surgical weight loss, which is the core foundation to maintaining an optimal weight.

A more cost-effective approach

Surgery costs can be incredibly costly. Non-surgical weight loss is usually far more affordable. Therefore, non-surgical weight loss techniques are often recommended for patients who desire a budget-friendly and safe option for achieving their ideal weight.

A faster healing process

Surgery entails a prolonged and strenuous recovery. Surgical weight loss may keep people away from work and other important life obligations. Non-surgical weight loss typically has much faster healing times and does not require patients to miss time from work, family events, etc.

Development of healthy habits

One of the primary goals of non-surgical weight loss is to help the patient develop healthy habits that last for a lifetime. In contrast, many patients do not develop these habits to the same extent when they elect for surgical weight loss procedures.

Start your non-surgical weight loss journey today

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