Common Reasons to Get a Total Body Composition Scan

Body Composition Scan

Common Reasons to Get a Total Body Composition Scan

A total body composition scan can be used to evaluate your body’s composition to a high level of precision. These tests are used to determine your body’s fat, bone, and muscle content so any appropriate changes can be made to your diet and fitness routine.

Body composition tests provide an accurate analysis of a person’s body makeup, and they also point out the distribution of certain tissues all over the body. Results of these tests vary drastically for each patient based on their body proportions and structures.

A body composition scan provides a more accurate analysis of a person’s body than their body mass index (BMI). A BMI scale has its uses, but it is an outdated way to measure muscle and fat mass because it focuses on factors like the patient’s age, weight, or height.

A body composition test goes past traditional methods to measure body composition. It can be used to evaluate important body metrics, like bone mass, basal metabolic rate, body fat percentage, general body weight composition, and water weight.

Benefits of getting a total body composition scan

Reasons that patients often choose a total body composition scan over other ways to measure body composition, like calipers or hydrostatic weighing, include the following.

Identifies different types of fat

A body composition scan can be used to determine the different kinds of fat that a person has on them. White fatty tissues underneath the skin are generally healthy, but abdominal white adipose tissues are closely linked to metabolic diseases like diabetes. Getting rid of abdominal fat can provide more health benefits than getting rid of subdermal fat.

Has improved accuracy

Total body scans provide more accurate fat, muscle, and bone analyses than scales like the BMI or hydrostatic weighing. Providing patients with a precise assessment of their body composition can make it easier for them to craft effective workout and diet plans.

Accurately tracks changes

A body composition scan can also be used to track a patient’s fat loss and muscle growth. It enables patients, dieticians, and personal trainers to monitor a person’s physiological reactions to changes to their diet and fitness routine.

Is FDA approved?

The Food and Drug Administration approves using total body composition scans to assess fat, muscle, and bone composition when assessing patients for medical treatments. It can also be used to measure changes to the bone density of people with osteoporosis.

Is safe?

Total body composition scans use weak X-rays to scan a patient’s entire body. The X-ray beams penetrate every tissue in the patient’s body so their fat, bones, and muscle tissues can be closely examined. A total composition scan exposes a person to less radiation than a few minutes of sunlight does.

Frequently asked questions about getting a total body composition scan for weight loss

Thinking about getting a total body composition scan? Here are answers to some of the questions you might have:

1. What is a total body composition scan?

A total body composition scan is a test that uses special technology to measure the amount of fat. muscle, and bone in your body. This information can be used to help you plan your weight loss goals, boost your sexual wellness, or pursue non-surgical weight loss options.

2. Why would I get a total body composition scan?

There are many reasons why people might get a total body composition scan. Some people want to know if they are carrying too much fat, while others want to make sure they are building muscle mass as they lose weight. This test can also be used to monitor your progress over time and make sure you are on track with your goals.

3. How do I prepare for a total body composition scan?

There is no special preparation needed for this test. You will just need to remove any clothing or jewelry that might get in the way of the scan.

4. What can I expect during a total body composition scan?

You will lie on a table during the scan while a special camera moves over your body. The camera uses low-dose x-rays to take pictures of your body, which will be used to calculate your body composition. The whole process takes about 15 minutes.

5. Is there any risk involved in having a total body composition scan?

There is no radiation exposure from this scan, so there is no risk of cancer or other health problems. However, if you are pregnant, you should not have this test.

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