What Is Body Sculpting and Contouring?

What Is Body Sculpting and Contouring?

Body sculpting and contouring help eliminate unwanted fat. You may have tried more conventional methods for removing excess weight. Without success from these treatments, this procedure might be exactly what you need. Learn all the important facts about body sculpting to determine if it will help you achieve your goal.

A non-surgical procedure

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions to body sculpting and contouring is the fact that patients do not have to go under anesthesia. The procedure does not involve incisions either. Instead, this non-surgical treatment works by destroying fat cells located just below the surface of the skin. Although there are different technologies used, including freezing the fat and using low-level laser energy, the results are virtually the same.

For patients who struggle with stubborn body fat in areas like the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, or back, patients can see positive results from body sculpting and contouring, usually within months. While every patient has a slightly different outcome, for most, these treatments destroy as much as 24% of the fat cells treated. This happens in just one session. In roughly 25 minutes and without any downtime, patients will be on their way to becoming better versions of themselves.

What makes these treatments even more exciting?

Losing excess fat is one of the most difficult battles that a person must face alone. Guides, diet plans, and surgeries are available, but these techniques may not work for some people. Non-surgical body sculpting can make a difference. Here are its exciting benefits:

▪ It provides lasting results. Body sculpting and contouring destroy fat cells. The killed fat cells stay killed. Proper diet and exercise will maintain one’s body shape.

▪ It entails fewer risks. This procedure does not involve surgery. It skips providing stress on body tissues. Because of this, it decreases complications after surgery. Examples of these complications are nausea, hernias, and ulcers.

▪ It has convenient treatments. Body sculpting is good for busy people. It is a quick procedure that allows an individual to go back to work right away. Most body contouring procedures can finish in 40 minutes. The wellness professional will spend 20 minutes in the front and 20 minutes in the back.

▪ It involves a milder recovery. The patient will not have incisions or stitches. This will give way to a short recovery time. There may be some mild sunburn, which will fade after one to two days.

▪ It removes stubborn fat tissue. These fat tissues do not respond to exercise and diet. Choosing custom-fit contouring can improve many areas. The common ones are the thighs and abdomen.

▪ It is easier to have. Some people have health conditions that prevent them from getting surgery for weight loss. Body sculpting and contouring are not difficult to get at all. It is a procedure for any body type. The patient will get the expected results to have them for a long time with proper exercise and diet.

Who makes the right candidate?

When having these treatments performed by a qualified doctor, patients go through a consultation first. This can determine if they make good candidates. The doctor can also see if the patient has the discipline to maintain the results. The following are some of the things the doctor will consider:


A patient’s current weight also plays a role in whether the individual is ready for this treatment. Being within 10 pounds of the ideal body weight makes them a good candidate. Often, patients have already reached a level of fitness. However, these individuals continue to struggle with specific areas of fat that need help eliminating.


For the majority of body sculpting and contouring procedures done, patients need to have a Body Mass Index or BMI of 30 or lower. The doctor can determine a patient’s BMI level at the time of the consultation. They can use an online calculator to find out before their appointment. If the BMI is higher than 30, the individual can lower it through exercise and nutritional eating.

Loose skin

Especially after dramatic weight loss, it is common for people to have loose skin. Body sculpting and contouring can target stubborn pockets of fat. Patients who want to get rid of the sagging skin issue would need to have a different procedure. This will either remove or tighten the skin.

Anticipated results of body sculpting

Most patients see a reduction of treated fat cells by as much as 24% after just one visit. Reaching the body sculpting goal will need to have several treatments performed over time. There will be significant re-shaping and weight loss. The patient just needs to maintain the results with proper exercise and diet.


There are so many positive aspects of body sculpting and contouring. That is why this is something worth considering when dealing with unwanted body fat. Remember, body sculpturing and contouring help to increase metabolism. It can also strengthen bones and joints, as well as help you achieve leaner muscle mass.

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