Reasons to Try an Infrared Body Wrap 

Infrared Body Wrap

Reasons to Try an Infrared Body Wrap 

Try infrared body wrap

As a relatively new technology, the infrared body wrap is a popular addition to the medical spa scene. Many patients who try it are seeking visible results for a variety of health or weight-related issues. Whether one is attempting to renew energy levels, improve their appearance or restore overall health, this medspa treatment may be something to look into. 

Infrared Body Wrap

Why you should?

There are many different reasons patients seek out body wrap treatments. Some use it for the external physical benefits while others seek internal improvement, including elevation of overall energy levels and mood. 

External physical benefits 

An infrared body wrap encourages the breakdown of fat and calories, promoting the secretion of toxins and other harmful materials via the pores through sweating. Thanks to this process, there are a host of physical benefits that stretch from beautification to health improvements. 

In terms of beautification, body wraps are known to reduce the appearance of cellulite, which can be a problem that many people find hard to shake even after losing weight. It also helps to purge fat and toxins through perspiration, with potentially up to 1,400 calories being burned per session. Additionally, the patient may experience an increase in metabolism for up to 36 hours after a session. Not only does this make for a more slender appearance, but it helps individuals maintain better health by reducing fat. 

Internal physical benefits 

The internal benefits of a body wrap may lead to the improvement of one’s overall physical health. For example, the heat in an infrared wrap is known to help increase blood circulation. This can also increase alertness and energy levels and heighten the body’s natural immune system. 

Due to the heat and increased circulation, patients also often experience a reduction in inflammation and pain for joints and muscles. This can be beneficial to athletes or workers who do a lot of physical exertion in their daily lives. 

Other restorative properties 

Sweating is a naturally occurring process in the human body that not only allows the body’s temperature to cool but also helps to rid it of harmful toxins and unnecessary material. Through targeted infrared lighting, the body can be penetrated by up to 1.5 inches, allowing for unhealthy toxins and fats locked deep under the tissue to be targeted and released. 

These wraps also encourage the consumption of water, and hydration has many health benefits. Not only does it help to flush toxins away after a session, but it can plump up skin and reduce wrinkles. It can also give a person a higher level of energy and a sharper state of alertness. 


There are many benefits that body wraps can have for a patient’s health and appearance. An infrared body wrap has even more potential perks, as it can target beneath the skin to get at the harmful toxins and fats locked down below. Not only may patients experience smoother skin with less cellulite, but it also provides a potentially powerful tool for weight loss and health improvements.

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