Non-surgical Weight Loss: What Are My Options?

Non-surgical Weight Loss: What Are My Options?

Non-surgical weight loss is becoming a popular method. Losing excess weight and maintaining the resulting body has always been a goal for many people. While some find it easy to lose weight through surgery, others may not. Health conditions and age may prevent you from going under the knife to lose those pounds. You should then consider using alternative ways of losing weight. Here are the details if you want to know about the non-surgical weight loss options available to you.

The HCG diet

This popular non-surgical weight loss technique has a large following. Some claim that it leads to a quick weight loss of about one to two pounds each day. The main player in this diet is HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. The HCG non-surgical weight loss option consists of HCG hormone injections and an extremely low daily calorie diet. One must take in only 500 calories a day.

There are three phases to the HCG diet. The loading phase prepares the body for the extreme restriction in calories. There will be a primer that will run for two days. This will involve consuming high-calorie, high-fat foods. About 250 grams of fat and 2.250 calories each day is ideal. This phase will stock the fat cells that need to stay while burning the abnormal fat.

The weight loss phase involves continuing the HCG supplements while taking in 500 or 800 calories each day. The individual will eat two meals with a total of either number of calories. This phase may last from three to six weeks. The period will depend on the person’s non-surgical weight loss goals.

The maintenance phase takes place after the person achieves the goal weight. The individual will slowly discontinue the HCG supplementation while increasing calorie intake. There is no specific number of calories for weight loss. Some dieters say that the right target is 1,200 to 1.500 calories.

Lipotropic injections

These injections are fat-loss supplements or fat-burning injections. The injections aim to go with other parts of a weight loss treatment. One can have these non-surgical weight loss injections with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise. Each shot contains vitamin B12. This is a good supplement in large amounts. But if a person takes these injections without a weight loss plan, it may not be healthy at all.

Lipotropic injections have different ingredients, such as vitamins and nutrients, that can help with non-surgical weight loss. The combination of vitamins can increase one’s metabolism and energy. It can also help burn away fat at a quick rate. A person may get these injections in the arm. Other body parts with more subcutaneous fatty tissues can also be injected, such as the buttocks, thigh. and abdomen.

A person can have these injections one to three times a week. There will be visible fat loss after weeks of the treatment. Combining these injections with regular exercise and a nutritious diet can result in losing two to four pounds each week. Significant lifestyle changes will help one’s non- surgical weight loss.

FDA-approved weight loss drugs

An adult who is having a difficult time losing enough weight for better health may take FDA- approved weight loss medications. It can be challenging to lose weight when aging as the body’s metabolism slows down. Taking prescription weight loss medications, in addition to daily exercise and a healthy diet, can help boost the weight loss results. These drugs cannot replace the effects of exercise and diet.

Long-term use of these non-surgical weight loss drugs can last for at least 12 weeks. This can work well if the individual combines the medications with lifestyle and diet changes. A year of taking these drugs can lead to a loss of 3-12% of the current body weight. Keeping the excess weight off can be good for one’s health. It can lower blood sugar, fat, and blood pressure levels.

Calorie-counting diet

The aim of this non-surgical weight loss option is to stick to a set number of calories a day. Most dietitians suggest a personal eating plan. That way, the individual can choose a combination of foods. A calorie-counting diet can help manage one’s blood sugar levels and total weight. It will also lower one’s risk for high blood pressure and diabetes.

This method provides the individual with a balanced diet. Different food groups will be present in every meal. The servings of each food group are important. Men and women have different meal plans because of their lifestyles and body differences. Older individuals will also need a different set of foods to consume because of their low metabolism.

Using non-surgical weight loss techniques can change your life

Weight loss can be a great challenge to many people but achieving it can improve your health and your life. Your doctor can determine if you are a good candidate for weight loss surgery. If you are not, then non-surgical weight loss techniques can help you. The mentioned options can help you and your doctor find out which one will suit your needs the most.

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