Get Help with Weight Loss with Bariatric Medicine 

Bariatric Medicine

Get Help with Weight Loss with Bariatric Medicine 

Being overweight and struggling to shed pounds is something many people deal with, but bariatric medicine can help. Along with the understanding of obesity, physicians in this field can help individuals create weight-loss plans and provide various treatment options to live healthier lives. 

Understanding bariatric medicine 

The work of a bariatric physician involves the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity in individuals. Through this understanding, bariatric physicians are capable of helping people reach and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle through a variety of methods including diet, exercise, and even medication. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, an individual with a BMI, or body mass index, of 30 is obese, while a person with a BMI of 40 is severely obese. As such, individuals within this BMI range can be treated with bariatric medicine. 

Types of bariatric treatments for weight loss 

Losing weight often takes a multifaceted approach to achieve long term and lasting results. A doctor can help individuals by determining body type and reasons for weight gain. From there, a plan can be developed that targets the causes of obesity and helps the individual lose weight in a safe and healthy manner with proper monitoring and guidance from a trained physician. 

Along with a customized plan, we also offer other methods to help with bariatric medicine and weight loss including lipotropic injections, B12 injections, and FDA medications. 

Diet and exercise 

The traditional method for losing weight is a comprehensive plan that involves monitoring calorie intake, exercising regularly, and eating proper nutrition. A doctor in bariatric medicine may recommend eating certain foods to provide proper nutrition without overeating and also help reduce the number of daily calories a person consumes. A well-rounded weight-loss plan also includes exercises such as cardio, resistance training, weight lifting, and stretching. 

Prescription weight-loss drugs 

Individuals who are severely overweight and not responding to traditional weight-loss methods may be candidates for prescription weight-loss drugs. To be a candidate, a patient should have a BMI of over 30 or have a serious health problem related to obesity such as diabetes. A doctor trained in bariatric medicine will review a patient’s medical history and check for drug interactions before choosing a medication. It is important to note that these medications are not without side effects that can be serious in rare cases. Therefore, it is important to be under the close supervision of a physician while using these medications. Women who are pregnant or nursing or who may become pregnant should not be using prescription weight-loss drugs. 


Once the weight is gained, it can be difficult to lose. That is why bariatric medicine offers assistance in developing a health plan that works for your individual body type and weight-loss goals. Whether it is through diet, exercise, medication or a combination of those, a bariatric physician can help individuals get on the right track with their health. 

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