What Is HCG Weight Loss Treatment?

What Is HCG Weight Loss Treatment?

Getting an HCG weight loss treatment can make your weight loss journey easier. Studies show that obesity is considered a chronic illness. Many people struggle with it, even with regular workouts and healthy diets. This weight loss treatment may be the one for you. Here are the details to consider about HCG weight loss treatment.

What HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is

It is a protein-based hormone that women have during the early weeks of pregnancy. This hormone signals the body to activate the fat stores so that the mother and baby can have the necessary nutrients. HCG helps the fetus grow inside the womb. It also aids in maintaining normal pregnancy hormone levels.

The HCG weight loss treatment

Aside from helping with reproduction and fertility, HCG can also help with weight loss. HCG weight loss treatment involves taking injections. These shots are not harmful to one’s health. They can boost metabolism, allowing the individual to lose weight right away.

HCG weight loss treatment works by targeting one’s cravings. It triggers fat burning as well. The treatment protects the body from losing muscle mass. Instead, it helps build muscle.

The HCG diet

This weight loss plan may involve changes in one’s diet. Choosing the right foods can help an individual become healthier and lose excess weight. The attending doctor can keep an eye on the patient’s progress. The HCG weight loss treatment starts with the HCG injection. This will reduce the appetite and speed up metabolism.

The next part of the HCG weight loss treatment is the diet change. The HCG diet is a strict one. It limits calorie intake to 500 calories a day for about eight weeks. The individual will only eat two meals each day.

Foods in the HCG diet

Following this diet will need a high level of self-control and dedication. This is important if the individual wants to get the desired results. The attending doctor can suggest some foods to include
in the diet. Here are some of them:

▪ Unsweetened drinks

▪ Breadsticks

▪ Lean proteins

▪ Fruits like strawberries and apples

▪ Low-starch vegetables

How HCG weight loss treatment works

This treatment has three major stages. The first one is the loading stage, in which the patient consumes high-fat, high-calorie foods. The patient must take HCG as well during this stage. For the second stage, the patient keeps taking HCG but lowers caloric intake to 500 calories each day. This must happen for three to six weeks.

The maintenance stage of HCG weight loss treatment is when the individual stops taking HCG injections. Increasing one’s caloric intake is important but do so in a gradual manner. Stay away from foods and drinks with high sugar. Also, stay away from starchy foods.

Those with moderate weight loss goals may need about three weeks of weight loss. People who need significant weight loss must have six weeks of consuming 500 calories a day. The process may be repeated a few times. This will depend on how overweight the individual is. Lunch and dinner are the two main meals that the patient must have each day. Every meal must have a small piece of bread, lean protein, a vegetable, and fruit. Avoid sugar and oil. Drink much more water.

HCG weight loss treatment can lead to losing about two pounds each day. The diet does not force the patient to starve during the weight loss stage. The HCG shots will promote fat burning. HCG
weight loss treatment combines with a low-calorie diet to help the patient achieve maximum weight loss.

The benefits of HCG weight loss treatment

This type of weight loss program will need dedication and discipline. Stocking up on the right foods can help the individual prepare for it. Talking to the doctor first will help determine if the patient can get HCG weight loss treatment. Here are the benefits that one can enjoy with this weight loss program:

▪ It provides a good energy boost. HCG weight loss treatment can help the individual work out more.

▪ There are no hunger pangs. Studies show that caloric limitations prevent cravings and bad food decisions.

▪It regulates hormones. Balancing the hormones promotes harmony in the body.

▪It improves endurance. HCG weight loss treatment can help the patient last during workout sessions, allowing more fat burning.

▪ It keeps the muscle mass. This treatment does not result in muscle wasting.

▪ It lowers cholesterol levels. HCG weight loss treatment promotes healthy eating habits. This prevents high levels of bad cholesterol.

HCG weight loss treatment can help you achieve your goal weight in no time

Your doctor must know if you want to try HCG weight loss treatment. Keeping an eye on your health is important while losing excess pounds. Knowing what foods and drinks to consume while on this treatment can help you prepare well for it. Working with your doctor can maximize the benefits of HCG weight loss treatment.

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