How B12 Injections Can Be Used for Non-Surgical Weight Loss

How B12 Injections Can Be Used for Non-Surgical Weight Loss

There are multiple purposes for B12 injections (shots). This review focuses on B12 injections for non-surgical weight loss. Some patients who have tried B12 injections to aid in their non-surgical weight loss program have reported noticeable benefits. Although the results vary for each patient, B12 injections may be right for your plan, particularly if you are not routinely receiving enough of this essential vitamin.

B12 injections for non-surgical weight loss

B12 injections may help some non-surgical weight loss patients feel more energetic and raise their metabolic rate. This can subsequently assist with weight loss without constantly battling feelings of fatigue, hunger, and hopelessness. This review takes a closer look at B12 injections, their safety and efficacy, how the treatment process works, and more.

B12 injections defined

B12 plays an important role in healthy weight loss. It is an essential vitamin that helps with a variety of bodily functions, including metabolism. It is commonly found in meat, eggs, fish, and dairy products. Unfortunately, some people do not produce enough vitamin B12 due to their diet or hereditary conditions. B12 injections are a way to help supplement this deficiency and help boost
energy levels and metabolism.


B12 injections are considered safe when taken with medical supervision. There are no known reports of serious adverse directly caused by B12 injections for weight loss. However, in some cases, B12 injections could impact the effectiveness of other medications. Subsequently, it is important to always consult with a health and wellness professional before starting treatment.


The effectiveness of B12 injections varies and is still debated. The science and theory behind B12 injections is simple; it is designed to help weight loss patients with B12 deficiency boost their metabolism and energy levels. Many patients report improved weight loss once they start treatment as well. However, it may not be right for patients who already have healthy levels of B12.

Pros and cons

The primary purposes (and benefits) of B12 injections are increased metabolism and energy levels. This can help avoid the need for surgical treatments to reach timely weight loss goals. However, B12 injections are not intended for and should not be used as a stand-alone treatment. Instead, they should aid in a more comprehensive non-surgical weight loss plan. The primary drawback to B12 injections is the less predictable and uncertain nature of the results as every patient has a unique experience with treatment. A health and wellness professional can help determine the type of results that can be expected during a consultation.

Treatment process

B12 injections are usually performed in the office by a weight loss professional. This allows for optimal supervision to ensure the safety of treatment. Multiple injections over the course of several weeks are usually recommended. Some patients notice benefits from treatment as soon as 48 hours after the initial shot, particularly if they have a more severe deficiency. For milder deficiencies, the patient may not see a noticeable impact until after the second or third visit.

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidate for B12 injections for non-surgical weight loss is a patient who desires to lose weight and has a deficiency of B12. A deficiency could be caused by certain conditions or hereditary factors. In other cases, deficiencies are largely the result of dietary choices. For example, individuals who are vegan may be more likely to experience B12 deficiency. The best way to determine if you are an ideal candidate for B12 injections is to visit a health and wellness center that offers non-surgical weight loss treatment.

B12 injections vs. surgical weight loss

B12 injections are a much safer alternative than surgical weight loss procedures. They are also less invasive with fewer risks and more affordable as well. However, the results may be less predictable and largely dependent on your existing B12 levels. It is important to also keep in mind that B12 injections are not a stand-alone or even a primary method of weight loss treatment, whereas certain surgical procedures may be a primary option for weight loss. Instead, patients who choose B12 injections and non-surgical weight loss can expect a more comprehensive and long-term approach.

Get in touch and start your weight loss journey

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