Non-Surgical Weight Loss and Follow Up Care

Non-Surgical weight loss

Non-Surgical Weight Loss and Follow Up Care

Non-surgical weight loss is a great way to lose weight when diet and exercise changes are not enough. Of course, non-surgical weight loss is a broad term and every treatment plan is personalized and unique. This review discusses the basics of treatment and what patients can expect with follow-up care.

Here is what you should know about non-surgical weight loss

The following is a detailed review of what non-surgical weight loss is exactly, its efficacy, how follow-up care works, and how patients can help maintain the results they achieve through the treatment process.

What is non-surgical weight loss?

Non-surgical weight loss is exactly that, which is weight loss that a patient achieves without any surgical procedures. However, in terms of medical weight loss, the treatment plan typically involves the use of medications to burn more calories and help aid weight loss, dietary changes, exercise changes, improvements in the patient’s mindset, and more.

Does non-surgical weight loss work?

The results for non-surgical weight loss, but most often patients are able to lose weight and achieve their optimal weight. Of course, the goals for every person are also unique, which can make the efficacy of non-surgical weight loss relatively subjective. The best way to determine if treatment is right for you is to discuss your goals, previous attempts at weight loss, and more with a weight loss clinician.

What is follow-up care for non-surgical weight loss?

Follow-up care for non-surgical weight loss is a way to help maintain the results that are achieved through the treatment. Unfortunately, some patients find themselves beginning to gain the weight back after the program ends, and follow-up care is specifically designed to help prevent this from happening. Follow-up care also helps to ensure the patient can smoothly transition out of their diet and into a normal daily routine that is healthy and allows them to maintain their goals.

How can I maintain my results after non-surgical weight loss?

You can maintain the results for non-surgical weight loss by following the aftercare plan that is established with the assistance of your clinician. This typically includes an exercise regimen, diet plan, and medications (i.e. B12 supplements to maintain energy and metabolism levels). Regular follow-up visits to be weighed are also helpful, especially as it adds a level of accountability for the patient that is often helpful.

Who should consider non-surgical weight loss?

There are two primary reasons patients choose non-surgical weight loss, which are to achieve a better appearance (i.e. clothes that fit better) and to improve their overall health. Anyone who is overweight is encouraged to find out how a non-surgical weight loss plan can benefit them, especially if they do not achieve desirable results through exercise alone.

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