Guide to Medical Weight Loss 

Weight Loss

Guide to Medical Weight Loss 

Medical weight loss programs are customized for every patient for personalized treatment. This non- surgical option for losing weight is monitored by medical professionals, allowing for safe weight loss. Ready to learn more? 

Wellness centers 

Thinking about choosing a medical weight loss program offered by a wellness center? One common reason patients choose wellness centers is that they will receive the individualized weight loss services that they need. Additional reasons include the fact that they use modern technologies, they place a large focus on educating their patients and they put their patients’ needs first. 

How medical weight loss treatment works 

The information below allows those who are in need of weight loss treatment to understand what to expect when choosing the option of medical weight loss

The initial evaluation 

Patients who sign up for a medical weight loss treatment program will first undergo a consultation appointment. This allows medical professionals to understand more about the patient, which is necessary to offer them personalized services. Patients will need to provide their medical history, as well as answer questions regarding their current lifestyle habits. They will also be given their BMI number, which is necessary in order to determine if they are considered overweight or obese. Patients are encouraged to be open and honest, as their program will be based on this information. 

Patients are managed by a team of medical professionals 

The fact that wellness centers tend to be home to a variety of medical professionals means that weight loss patients will often be managed by a team. This gives patients the benefit of being under the supervision of numerous professionals, which in turn, allows for a significant support system. The goal of this team is to help patients understand the factors that are preventing them from losing extra pounds, and to create a personalized treatment plan, which may include a patient taking certain medical prescriptions. 

Patients are taught how to develop new lifestyle habits 

It is essential for weight loss patients to be open to learning new lifestyle habits that support an overall healthy body. Patients can learn these new habits by talking with one of their medical professionals and/or by participating in the interactive groups that many wellness centers create for weight loss patients. Two new habits to support a healthy lifestyle include healthy meal planning and different options for exercising, e.g., bicycling, hiking, playing sports, etc. 

Is this the right option for you? 

There are many benefits of medically losing weight at a wellness center, as every patient is treated in a unique way. Those who choose this option can now take the next step. 

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