3 Ways a Doctor Can Help You With Weight Loss

3 Ways a Doctor Can Help You With Weight Loss

Medical professionals are great resources when it comes to weight loss. They undergo medical training that allows them to help individuals who are struggling with their weight.

There is a common misconception that only those wanting to lose a large amount of weight can visit a doctor for help. However, that is not true. Anyone can visit a medical professional for help, no matter how much weight loss is desired. Each weight loss plan will vary depending on the person’s genetics, desired goals, and daily habits. To learn more, keep reading.

Weight loss from a doctor

Outlined below are three ways that a doctor may guide patients through weight loss. Review this information when exploring different ways to tackle losing weight.

#1: Diet and exercise

The first thing that any medical professional will recommend is diet and exercise. While the word diet may sound intimidating, there are actually a lot of diets that are not that drastic. Medical professionals can and will tailor a specialized diet for each individual based on their goals and daily habits.

Slight changes will be implemented at first, followed by gradual improvements. Over time, the change in diet will ultimately aid in the weight loss journey. Oftentimes, a lot of vegetables and fruits are consumed, while carbohydrates and sugars are avoided as this group of food items usually plays a role in gaining weight.

Aside from dieting, exercising is very necessary. Exercising is important in order to get the body moving, which helps to burn calories. Medical professionals will recommend exercise every day to ensure weight is lost and good health is maintained. Of course, if exercise is new to the individual’s
daily lifestyle, it will start small and slow, while gradually increasing.

For example, it might be recommended to walk for 30 minutes per day at first, whereas later on down the line in the weight loss journey, it may be advised to jog or run on the treadmill for a longer period of time.

The combination of exercising and dieting typically leads to weight loss when done correctly. Medical professionals at both primary care offices and medspas will tailor a plan for both to cater to the individual’s needs and goals.

#2: Other lifestyle habits

Outside of dieting and exercising, there are a few other changes that medical professionals highly advise. Individuals who smoke tobacco or any products are encouraged to quit immediately, as this can prevent weight loss. Aside from weight loss, smoking is not good for the health of the entire

Additionally, alcohol consumption should be limited, if not eliminated completely because there is a lot of sugar in alcoholic beverages that can get in the way of weight loss goals.

Another important lifestyle change is to drink a lot of water. Water helps to flush out toxins and waste in the body, which may be contributing to excess weight. Out of any beverage, it is always recommended by medical professionals to choose water as it keeps the body hydrated and in optimal condition throughout weight loss journeys.

#3: Procedures

Another approach that medical professionals may take when it comes to weight loss is medical, non-invasive procedures, such as fat freezing. Fat freezing procedures are great options for those who want to lose mild to moderate amounts of weight; however, excessive amounts do not typically
respond well to the procedure. Most commonly, this procedure is performed at a primary care office or a medspa, and it does require trained medical professionals to perform.

Fat freezing relies on a machine that has a handheld wand. The wand is pressed against the skin and targets the fat cells by freezing them. Over the few weeks following the procedure, the fat cells will die off, thus promoting weight loss. Of course, it will also be advised to follow the other tips that are listed above in conjunction with fat freezing procedures.

Get started with weight loss

It can be difficult to lose weight on your own, which is why consulting with a medical professional can be quite helpful. To get started, an initial evaluation will be performed. During this evaluation, the doctor will identify the patient’s goals, as well as determine the best treatment route. Additionally, any questions or concerns can be addressed, which can be helpful when navigating through the decision-making process. To learn more or to get scheduled, reach out today.

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