What To Expect at a Diet Clinic

What To Expect at a Diet Clinic

A diet clinic, also called a weight loss clinic, helps patients improve their weight and health through dietary and exercise changes. It is helpful to understand what to expect when visiting a diet clinic for the first time to properly prepare and deal with any anxieties that may be existing.

The typical process during the first visit to a diet clinic

The first visit to a diet clinic is typically a very laid-back process. The ultimate goals are for the patient and the clinic staff to get to know each other. They will also work to put together a personalized treatment plan and realistic weight management goals. While every patient may have a unique experience, the following is a general overview of what can be expected.

The initial consultation

The first thing that will happen at the diet clinic is for the staff members to collect the patient’s medical and health history, along with information related to lifestyle and exercise habits. They may also determine the patient’s body mass index (BMI) to measure their weight in relation to their height. This information allows for a more customized weight management plan. The patient is also encouraged to ask any questions or voice any concerns they have at this point.

A personalized diet plan

Every weight loss and weight management plan at a diet clinic is personalized, and there is no cookie-cutter approach as everyone is unique. Some patients may be dealing with conditions or medications that impact their weight, while others may have limitations related to physical exercise. Identifying these barriers is important when putting together a personalized treatment plan at a diet clinic.

Establishing realistic weight loss goals

The goal is to lose and manage weight in the healthiest way possible. This may involve a low-calorie diet through changes in what the patient eats, limiting the size of meals, or meal replacement, along with a regular exercise plan. Programs typically involve losing one or two pounds per week over the course of several months. The staff is there through every step of the weight loss journey to ensure the goals are met in a healthy and safe manner.

How to determine if a diet clinic is right for you

A diet clinic may be right for those who have realistic expectations about weight loss. A diet clinic helps patients lose weight gradually over time in a healthy manner, and it is not ideal for patients who are searching for a quick fix.

Diet clinic FAQ’S

There are common questions that diet clinicians receive that are important to have answered. The following are answers to some of the more common questions. However, it is always best to discuss your specific treatment plan and questions with a clinician for more precise and personalized information.

What type of results can I expect from a diet clinic?

As mentioned, establishing realistic goals is an important step in the diet process. Otherwise, it can be easy to get discouraged even when you are making progress. With that said, most patients are able to reach their weight loss goals within the established timeframe. In fact, it is not uncommon for patients to report losing six to 10 pounds in the first two months (an average of approximately two pounds per week).

How much exercise is required from a diet clinic?

The ultimate goal is to burn more calories than you are taking in each day; exercise is a great way to help burn more calories. However, diet clinics also understand the individual needs of each patient as it pertains to their schedule and physical limitations, and they can put together an exercise plan that is appropriate and realistic. This can range from running several miles a week to simply going for a walk or riding a stationary bike each day.

Will I have to prepare separate meals for my family?

As mentioned, diet clinics personalize every treatment plan, and they can usually accommodate the desires and needs of family members to ensure you are not cooking two dinners every night.

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